Data Studio Features

Data Studio Connector is an online tool that helps you visualize data effortlessly. You can choose from a wide range of data sources, including Google Sheets. Google Data Studio helps in combining data from several data sources and analyzing the data. Also it enables you to make interactive charts and reports. You can just choose the chart you want and themes to make charts colorful.

Following are the features and functionalities of Data Studio that will help you get started with basic but actionable reports.

Features of Data Studio Connector:

Access unlimited widget options :

Google Data Studio helps in using any number of widgets. This feature of data studio helps in sharing and explaining your data in multiple ways.

Pull data from multiple sources :

One of the main feature of Data Studio is, it has ability to fetch data from up to 12 data source, which you can add in your report. You can get data and create reports.

Share Data Studio reports easily :

When you make some reports with lot of data and reviewing it, you may want to share the report to others. For this Data studio allows you to share reports using built in sharing options.

Create easy-to-read reports for everyone :

When you created report with multiple data source and used many metrics , it will be complicate to others to understand it. So you can break the data unto multiple pages, demonstrating the flexibility and customization of Google Data Studio. And hence you can reach your company's unique needs, making it easier process to share complicated data. You can also customize your report.

Get dynamic reporting :

While you can make edits to report with your team in real time, you can also get real time data from Data Studio. So that it helps in keeping reports updated and helps in creating widgets on time.

Build interactive experiences :

You can make your charts and reports more interactive with various types of widget editing options. When you share the report to others they can also edit those as per their requirement and use that.

Embed Data Studio reports on social media :

Data Studio helps in embedding its report in social media platform, which may help in analyzing and study and experiment. To embed Data Studio report, you can just use report URL in your social media post and publish it.

Real Time Collaboration:

In Data Studio you and your collaborators can work on same report in real time. In Data Studio you can find Share menu on top of he report, using this you can invite people to work with you. You can also manage their access levels.

Interactive Data Visualization:

In Data Studio view mode is highly responsive. It had advanced features like chart interaction controls, drill downs and cross chart interaction. So viewer can customize the charts and reports from filters to metrics to discover various insights from your reports.

Various Charts and Graphs:

Data Studio has multiple type of charts using that you can create reports. You can get all types of chart like Bar, Pie and Line charts. Apart from charts you can also use Community visualizations like Radar chart, Gantt chart, gauge etc.

Filtering and Date Range Control :

You can create calculated fields in data studio and use it in filtering data.

You can also use Date Range Control to filter the data.

Scheduling Report:

Sharing the Data Studio report regularly with clients as per their requirements is one of the important task. When you are busy with some other tasks, you may forget to share report to them. Data Studio notify your client when report is due.