Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Jivrus Data Studio Connectors?

Data Studio is data visualisation tool by Google. Data Studio Connectors enable direct connections from Data Studio to any internet accessible data source to create reports and dashboards in Data Studio.

Jivrus Data Studio Connectors helps to connect with external sources such as Insightly, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM and Zoho CRM etc.

What are the connectors provided by Jivrus?

Jivrus continuously develop new connectors and enhance existing connectors. You can see currently available connectors at Connectors page. If you want a new connector or an enhancement to existing connector, you can reach us at Contact Us

How do I disconnect and authorise with another account/credential in the Data Studio Connector?

To disconnect with current account and use a different account/ credential, please follow the instructions at Re-authenticate data studio connector

How to fix the"Data Studio cannot connect to your data set" issue?

This error is coming from Data Studio and indicates that the data source in Data Studio is no longer shared with you. Kindly contact the creator/owner for the data source and ask them to share the data source with you.

How to fix the "This action is not supported if you are logged in to multiple consumer accounts or the same domain. Please log out and try again. " error?

Connecting to Data Studio requires only one Google account to be logged in at any given time when trying to connect a data source. Log out of all Google accounts in your browser except the Google account you will use to connect to Data Studio.

How can I share my account/credential with another person/account in the Data Studio Connector?

In order to achieve this, you need to give the other person "Owner's credentials access". So if you do this the person can use your credentials and create OR view the report. You can visit here in order to find the steps for giving access to the other person.

Where can I see specific documentations, FAQs for a particular connector?

You can navigate to the particular connector web page from Connectors page. Each connector page has documentation on the usage, sample report(s) and FAQ etc as applicable.

Why we get the error "Sorry! we are using 'Urlfetch' service from Google, and looks like you have crossed the daily limit of service. For more details please visit Jivrus FAQ section: https://datastudio.jivrus.com/support/faqs/ " ?

"UrlFetch" service error is from Google Service. Data Studio Connectors use the UrlFetch service to get data by sending requests through Url.

Google service provides a maximum of 20k UrlFetch requests per day. If the Url requests exceed the daily limit, it will give this error. For more information about the Google service, you can visit the official document of Google here https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/services/quotas.

And on the next day, it will work fine as you get a new daily quota from Google.

Why we get "No data" in Data Studio Report for some connector even though we have data in our dashboard?

Among many community connectors, some of connectors use Date range control to fetch data and some not. When you get "No data" in report, it means, that connector use Date range control to fetch data. So add Date Range Control to the report and select timeframe you want. You will get data.

For more details about Date Range Control visit our website here Date Range Controls