Security is an important concern in today's world. We at Jivrus Technologies take security as a serious business. Our products require permission for only what the product is intended to do. We make it explicit why the product requires those permissions and what the product does with it. All of our products go through security approval and strictly adheres to Privacy Policy.

Please read below for the details.

Looker Studio Connectors Permissions


Why Looker Studio Connectors needs this?

Looker Studio Connectors requires this permission to connect with external applications like CRM, Accounting, Payments, Productivity etc. through REST APIs.

Looker Studio Connectors also requires this permission to authenticate the user and get the user plan and subscription details. 

Site and Data Security

URL Whitelisting

The URLs to which the connectors are connecting to authenticate the user or query data are explicitly documented in the Connector's manifest. The only URLs that are used are 

Only whitelisted URLs can be connected from Looker Studio Connectors.

Data Security

Jivrus Looker Studio Connectors do NOT store or send any transactional data collected from the Apps (e.g Zoho CRM, Xero, etc) to Jivrus Cloud Servers or any third-party servers.

Policy & Terms

Privacy Policy covers what information we collect, how we use those information. 

Terns and Conditions cover the conditions that you agree when you use our products or services

Why you can trust our products ?

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