Multiple Account issue 

Multiple Account issue in Looker Studio and Solution

Google products like Looker Studio sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between logins when you're using multiple Google Accounts at once. 

This is a widespread issue that Google is working on this issue to resolve. 

Until it's fixed, you might see the error below when logging into Looker Studio with a Google Account. This article will walk you through how to fix this error. 


This action is not supported if you are logged in to multiple consumer accounts or the same domain. Please log out and try again.

Issue Details:

In your browser, if you are logged in with multiple google accounts, the wrong account can be used by Google Apps Script.

For example, consider you have 2  google accounts,

When you open your application with to use Data Studio, then Looker Studio will be executed by instead of


You are logged in to multiple Google accounts

Solution :

Connecting to Data Studio requires only one Google account to be logged in at any given time when trying to connect a data source. Log out of all Google accounts in your browser except the Google account you will use to connect to Data Studio.