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  • What are Jivrus Data Studio Connectors?

Data Studio is data visualisation tool by Google. Data Studio Connectors enable direct connections from Data Studio to any internet accessible data source to create reports and dashboards in Data Studio.

Jivrus Data Studio Connectors helps to connect with external sources such as Insightly, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM and Zoho CRM etc.

QuickBooks Data Studio Connector

I am not able to connect to sandbox environment. When I tried to connect to sandbox environment using Jivrus Data Studio Connector for QuickBooks, I get the following error.

Can you help to resolve this?

This means that your QuickBooks account does not have any "Sandbox companies". You will need to create and configure sandbox company in your QuickBooks account and then try to connect it from the Jivrus Data Studio Connector for QuickBooks.

Please check QuickBooks Sandbox Overview for the documentation from QuickBooks..

On the other hand, you can directly try with Production environment.


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You can send email to support@jivrus.com